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I wrote earlier that I was going to test this and it is true. The posts that I have been writing since then have been more popular so clearly not having links in your LinkedIn messages is the way to go.

Kinda crazy isn’t it? I mean the name of LinkedIn assumes that linking is important. I guess the linking that LinkedIn wants to do is to link to itself, which isn’t linking it’s more a friend that needs validation. Oh please only talk about me, because I am the only thing that exists in the world to myself.

I wonder if we should start treating companies like they treat us. If LinkedIn doesn’t want any outbound links, then we won’t give any inbound links. Reflecting/mirroring is a popular thing to do in certain psychological techniques. I don’t believe in this because I don’t need to manipulate someone. I’m not saying that because I am some kind of angel, but because if someone doesn’t want something because of who I am then I don’t want to give it to them.

Websites are acting like jealous lovers. No, don’t talk to other people! We are exclusive! No, the rest of the world doesn’t exist and you don’t need to pay attention to it. Suffocating and makes you want to run the other way. I wonder how long we will tolerate the abuse from social networks? Oh, you have to work with LinkedIn to get a job? Not really. Recruiters network and find you even when you aren’t on LinkedIn. This isn’t to brag but merely to share that because I have had a website for a very long time, I was being contacted by recruiters before I joined LinkedIn in 2009. There are other games in town to get jobs.

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