LinkedIn deleted my last two posts so I reposted them again

before linkedin comic

LinkedIn deleted my last two posts so I reposted them again. I did a Google search and found others who had the same experience.

If your posts are deleted, you should be notified and told the reason why. One of them was new, and one was a recycled post from before. There is also a small chance this might be related to the WP LinkedIn Auto Publish application. I re-signed into since it suggested I do that this morning, but the token that was in use may have been invalidated by getting a new token. If that is the case, then it is reasonable that the two posts were deleted. If these two posts get deleted, then a visit to LinkedIn support will be in order.

before linkedin comic
before linkedin comic

It is also possible that someone reported my posts as offensive, or breaking some LinkedIn rule that I don’t know about. The other person whose posts got deleted said that he writes about things that are probably less popular on this platform, so perhaps he is being censored for not writing the kind of articles LinkedIn wants. I have written other critical articles about LinkedIn that didn’t get deleted. I am probably not important enough to bother getting deleted, but it did feel for a moment that I was being gaslighted.

Of course, by reposting I lost the views on those posts, but the second one was popular and to me, that shows that it has value. If I write something and no one wants to read it, I don’t tend to write more of that content. I am not going to waste people’s time. However I do write things that are probably hard to read for some people, and I don’t apologize for that.

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LinkedIn has a funny way of protecting its users. I continued to be contacted by obvious frauds. I just block them. I wonder when LinkedIn will get serious that the danger is from people who are lying, not content creators.

UPDATE: A Few hours later the deleted posts magically reappeared. It appears that LinkedIn has a problem with updating its activity stream and nothing more than that occurred. I have had other problems with LinkedIn not updating its notifications and activity properly. I checked on another computer when this happened and they did not show up on my profile page so I naturally assume they had been deleted.