Limiting Adsense space seems to improve the quality of the ads

web designer comic

Since I have limited Adsense space, it has seemed to improve the quality of the ads that are shown.

I only have ads running on my header/footer areas now. It’s a lot easier to stomach than ads on the sides and anywhere Google AutoAds wants to run them. Surprisingly it hasn’t seemed to decrease the money I make from it. If anything there seems to be more visits so perhaps Google Adsense hurts perceived website quality.

Why am I sharing this with you? Like I said before I am exploring if affiliate partnerships make sense. So far I haven’t made any money from the one partnership I have but I am not giving up. Nothing is easy at the start and you have to show credibility. That’s fine with me. I want to be convinced that I am spending money appropriately.

It is also interesting that when I limit the space the ads seem to advertise more high-end and profitable ventures. It makes sense that the most profitable companies can have the biggest ads. It’s almost like you can judge their willingness to spend on advertising by looking at the AdSense ad size. One of the ads was for high-end properties in a wealthy state. Makes perfect sense.

I also disabled Adsense from showing ads on my homepage. For that to be their first impression might turn some people off. Or if they are blocking them they don’t care. I imagine most people are using browsers that block ads. I can’t see that ads have much of a future but I could be wrong.

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