Life works in layers

doctor comic

Last year I had a red rash on my skin and it became a problem that seemed to get worse with time. I tried all kinds of treatment and saw a doctor several times, but I had dry skin and nothing seemed to fix it.

I shared some of the products that I tried to fix it. Different creams, pills, and so on and while I saw some slight improvements it would get better in one way and then worse in another. I started to accept that I just might have to accept this issue.

Still, every day I tried different things. I changed my diet, clothing, and everything that I could. I continued to see doctors and nothing seemed to help. Why am I dragging this out? To show you that when you have a problem you can’t lose hope and give up. Finally, about three months ago something that I did seemed to improve the issue, and since then the issue has gone away and my skin is better than ever.

It took a long time for my dry and damaged skin to heal. Layers of dead skin had to be shed before healthy skin appeared. In life, we have to let go of lots of things until we find a healthy way to live. We have to be willing to continue to challenge anything that keeps us from being healthy and at peace. I had to change long-standing ways of eating and behavior that I didn’t realize were hurting me.

When you grow as a person letting go of the past is a byproduct. You grow because the alternative is too painful to consider. I didn’t want dry skin so I would do whatever it takes to fix it. I am not a doctor, but my body has helped me become healthier by warning me of things that make me feel uncomfortable or sick. Listen to your body and its wisdom and you will gain insight about yourself that no one else can provide.

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