If you have dry skin you should try Ceramides

skin healing pills

I had some dry skin and moisturizers and treatments weren’t helping. I tried these Life Extension Ceramides and my skin is healing and becoming normal again.

No, I am not receiving any benefit from telling you this. This treatment was suggested by a reputable medical organization. I also ran it past my doctor and she choose this brand. Two medical professionals thought this would be a good choice.

I noticed a difference in skin improvement in the first week. It was less dry, and since using it my skin is less dry as time goes on. I have bought a second bottle, and I think by my third bottle I will be back to normal. It is remarkable.

I am a sensitive person and I didn’t notice any side effects or problems from using this. I took it with some yogurt each morning and I felt great. I don’t notice any aftertaste or burping or anything like that. It really is a nice supplement to take.

I resisted writing this article for a long time. I didn’t want to seem like I was giving medical advice. I am obviously not a doctor, and you should talk to your doctor before taking anything. I love being healthy and sometimes that means you need to give some extra support to your body. If I had known about this sooner I would have taken it. Besides fixing the dryness my skin looks nicer. It seems more smooth and glowing.

I also wrote about SamPar and linked to it above. Which is better? They are both effective but I think this is a better product. SamPar is more of a spot treatment, but this gets your skin everywhere. Plus it is kind of addictive how easy it is to take instead of having to reapply like SamPar. They are both very effective in having healthy skin.

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