Skin blemishes go away with SamPar

skin blemish screenshot

No I am not selling anything just sharing something that I found helpful. I have had skin blemishes go away with SamPar.

I had some redness on my skin and a friend suggested this. I have used this for about a week and it has made a big change in my skin. I saw a difference the next day after using it. I had some redness and bumps and this has fixed that issue.

For the $17 it is a great value. It is a tiny bottle that is rolled on like a deodorant. The first time I used it it stung a little but it wasn’t terrible. It is a similar kind of sting that happens when you wipe a wound with alcohol.

The good news is that the more you use it the less that feeling happens. On the second use I barely noticed any discomfort. That was a nice surprise. After that I didn’t feel anything when applying it.

I use it 4 times a day. Once when I wake up, then after I shower, then in the evening/afternoon and then before I go to bed. That seems to be effective for me.

Is there a downside? Other than the slight stinging I mentioned no. There isn’t any smell that I can notice, and it dries quickly and doesn’t leave behind a residue. When you roll it on your skin, your skin can sometimes get temporarily redder for a minute but then the skin color returns to normal and then improves.

I bought another bottle because I think this is just a great product that is useful. I have tried lots of skin products in the past and never had such a fast result. I have even had skin medicine from doctors that didn’t help me as much. I’m not a doctor and I can’t give medical advice but this worked for me, and perhaps can help you.

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