Life is never about you

life surprises comic

Eventually with enough time you learn that life is never about you.

It is the most natural thing for you to go through life thinking that everything in your life is about yourself. We take it for granted. If life doesn’t give us what we want, it sucks. If life gives us what we want, only then we are happy. The truth is that our lives and our illusion of control are not real. When things happen or don’t happen, it isn’t because of our intelligence, hard work, or anything we think is happening. It is happening because random thing happen and some of them can help us, and some of it doesn’t help us.

When something happens that doesn’t help us, this doesn’t mean that life is terrible. Honestly, if we look at the amount of effort we do versus the benefits we receive we must honestly admit that they are way out of proportion. Why did we get lucky enough to be born with the chances we had? Why weren’t we one of the people in other parts of the world starving to death because of climate change, war, disease, poverty, or other social issues?

If you are reading this you are among the 1% in history who have the luxuries of indoor plumbing, Air Conditioning, and a stable source of food. Life isn’t an endless series of consuming goods. It is also to help our fellow human beings and to consider when enough consuming has been achieved. We see in billionaires the endless hunger to consume. Very little thought is given to the real needs of the majority of humanity.

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The best and most enjoyable moments of my life have been when I have been able to help others. That is why I enjoy working in Information Technology and making resources and systems work for people. It is amazing for me to see what can be done with technology, and the promise of hope it brings in alleviating human suffering.

The saddest thing that people have in their lives isn’t poverty. It is as one person said “poverty of spirit.” It is when others can’t see by their own ego and pride and think life is all about them. Life is never about us, and when we look at life in terms of are we helped or not, it degrades our spirit and others.

Choose to help others, no matter what your own situation is.