Lies in Society we accept as True Part 4

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  1. silver dentist comic
    silver dentist comic

    More is better. More of anything is better than less. More money, more space, more lovers, more whatever. Clearly, this isn’t true. After a certain point, research has found more money actually is negatively correlated with happiness. That is, more money makes you more stressed and sad. There is a downside to everything that people have more of. Nothing is a totally helpful thing, and nothing is totally harmful either. There are advantages and disadvantages to everything.

  2. Less is better. Many companies sell things being modern, light, and minimal and they sell what is not there. For example, I watched a video yesterday of a tent that was ultralight. Apple sells minimal and lightweight. The idea is that only the lightest or most modern of things are acceptable. We even have this sick idea bleed into women’s concepts of their own beautiful bodies. Women believe that they need to be paper thin, and they can’t be just whatever nature designed them to be.
    1. There is nothing wrong with a woman with curves, or a laptop that is heavier, or a tent that is heavier. Technology is great, but our lives are not determined by the money that we spend on these things. I enjoyed myself greatly with a heavy computer in the past, and the fact they are getting lighter doesn’t make them more enjoyable. They just present a bigger target for people who believe that weight has anything to do with a computer’s usefulness. Yes, I can hear those people who are mobile with their laptops. “You don’t have to lug a computer around like me.” Actually, I do. A heavy computer can help us grow muscles and be strong. There is always an advantage in a situation.
  3. You have to understand something completely to use it. Most of the time I barely understand something before I start doing it. You learn by doing. No one needs to have all of the answers at first. Life is a process of discovery. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and learn.
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