Lies in Society we accept as True Part 2

She hated herself for lying, but it was what he needed to believe.

I wrote Part 1 earlier here. Here are some more thoughts.

  1. Our own view of reality is the most reasonable. What arrogance do we have when we think our own view of reality is the most reasonable? Often we are just the most ignorant to think we know the best. Rather than search and try to base our ideas on facts, we instead take the easy route and base them on our feelings and what we want to believe. We call ourselves adult, conscious, and realistic, but we never challenge the ideas that we uncritically accept.
  2. She hated herself for lying, but it was what he needed to believe.
    She hated herself for lying, but it was what he needed to believe.

    Other people have to do as we say because we can’t see them make mistakes. We good-naturedly want to prevent others from making the same mistakes as we did, but we can’t see that their mistakes are their own. Yes, we do often have the ability to learn from each other, but we also make mistakes that are uniquely our own. We make mistakes because of our own unquestioned views of reality as above. For example, someone who is racist discovers that not everyone agrees with them. People need to experience that downside to their beliefs.

  3. Great minds think alike. Nope. Very intelligent people disagree hotly about issues. Just because someone agrees with you doesn’t mean you are wise. The French say “The folly of two”. That is two people who agree and feel confident that together they are right. Often what is the sign of the greatest intelligence is to question if what is being done is the right choice.
  4. People get what they deserve. Yes and no. Sometimes you get more than you deserve, and sometimes you get less. Sometimes the bad person gets away, and the good person is found guilty. Being bad or good has no relation to your success in life. It only makes you happy or miserable in whatever situation you find yourself in.
  5. Pleasure is just as good as happiness. I don’t think so. I worked for many very rich people and they had all the pleasures they wanted. They were miserable. Pleasure is fine when you are happy to start with, otherwise, it just stresses people out more.
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