Letting other people shine

'It's high time to make the boss clear that I'm the best employee ever!'

One of the most enjoyable things that I can do at work is to let other people shine.

'It's high time to make the boss clear that I'm the best employee ever!'
‘It’s high time to make the boss clear that I’m the best employee ever!’

Often at work, people feel that they are in competition with their coworkers. That they need to show the boss how smart and important they are so that feel job security. I can understand why people feel this way. I have a slightly different thing. I want to make other people look good because it doesn’t matter who gets the credit when the job is done.

Why would I want this? Many reasons. The most important is that people are often unappreciated and when they can enjoy the praise of others or the boss, they tend to become more engaged and better team members. I like growing the sense of teamwork so I do things like buy lunch, bring in treats and listen to my coworkers. I find it to be very rewarding to not only be a technical resource but to help people be happier as well.

Of course, I do my job, but you can do your job and still talk to people. Mostly I listen. I find that many people don’t have people who listen in their lives. I think this is because most people are so proud of what they are accomplishing, they are mostly talking about themselves and how great they are.

I have learned that you can enjoy life immensely when you don’t need to talk or prove how smart you are to others. I don’t care if other people appreciate me, it is more important that I appreciate myself. This is not to be narcissistic, but if you depend on others for your self-worth it is a dangerous situation.

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When you help others to enjoy the spotlight and allow them to take credit who does it hurt? Don’t you get paid for your work? Didn’t you make the choice that you don’t need recognition to be happy? If you get it, that’s ok, but you don’t need it.

Everything in life you can do without makes you happier. The wise person lets go of the need for recognition, control, or security.