Stories from my Past: You are talking Donald Duck

car passanger comic

I often drove a stretch of road that was pretty barren when I was younger. It was about 30 miles, and it was in a desert and rural, so it was hot and pretty featureless. One day when I was driving I saw an older woman with a suitcase on the side of the road so I felt sorry for her and pulled over to offer her a ride. She accepted.

car passanger comicWe were making small talk because she seemed nervous. I wasn’t very worried. Since she was in her 50s I didn’t think that she was much of a danger. Besides I was younger and I wasn’t paranoid that anything adverse would happen.

“That seems to be a lot of luggage you are carrying,” I said friendly.

“Yes, I need it to keep away from my enemies,” she said seriously.

I thought she was teasing me so I said “Yeah like who Donald Duck?” with a smile.

She got very quiet and then said “Pull over I want to get out.”

I said “See that rest area ahead? I will let you out there.”

She said “Ok. I know that you must be evil because you are talking about Donald Duck.” Then it just got more bizarre with even more nonsensical things she said. I dropped her off at the gas station/rest area and I went inside. I didn’t have a cell phone at that time. I called the Police because she obviously had mental issues and needed help. She stood outside the store with her luggage watching me.

I never picked up a hitchhiker again. People may not have the strength or tools to hurt you, but crazy people can do anything.

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