Learnings from writing 9 articles per day

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I have been writing 9 articles per day as an experiment. Here is what I have learned.

If an article doesn’t do well it has nothing to do with the intrinsic worth of what you wrote. The strangest thing happens when you rewrite older articles. They can become very popular even though the style and content are the same. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.

If an article does well, it probably isn’t successful for the reasons that you think it is. Lots of times article popularity is just luck. If people are there and interested. You can’t control that. If you have Linkbait that is always effective, and if you have something that is immediately understandable and personally threatening that is popular as well. My most popular article was about my experience with exploding Apple laptop chargers.

If you don’t link to your other related content you seem shallow and a ChatGPT clone. I like sharing links to other things I wrote because it shows context and that I’ve thought about many things before coming up with this opinion. It makes me at least appear to have some credibility even though we both know that is BS.

If you try to write for a specific purpose it is likely that others had the same idea and your article will be lost among everyone else. It is best to write oddball topics that no one is competing for. No, I am not suggesting you start blogging about UFOS but share things that are not easily thought of or show some creative aspect. I have written poems and those were well received like Sarah Cynthia Stout.

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Talk about things that you know about. No one likes a know it all. It is easy for me to talk about everything because I have said repeatedly that I know nothing. Sure I have some IT experience but others know more in specific areas. The most I know about are the lessons that I have learned in my life and how they have helped me. I don’t pretend that what works for me will or should work for others.

Don’t pretend that you don’t want to go viral. Everyone would like to find something that makes them unique but don’t try to shoot for it. The best viral things were people who didn’t want to be famous or well-known. Be viral for helping others and making a cause or contribution. Don’t look at writing on the internet to fill some gaps in self-esteem.

Lots of popular writers and websites just recycle the same content over and over and disguise it cleverly. Ask yourself, how am I helping people by doing this? If you can’t help others, you may be wasting your time.