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Latest Windows update caused me to need to reformat

Computer Storage Comic

The latest Windows update caused me some trouble, so I am letting you know what to do if it happens to you.

After installing it the screen graphics would occasionally be corrupt and then the next day the computer started rebooting twice in 15 minutes with a blue screen. It gave me a code that when I googled, said that one way to fix it would be to do a reset of the computer. I did that, and I got another error that said that critical boot files wouldn’t work so I got out my trusty Windows 11 OEM USB booted from that, and reinstalled the OS.

Computer Storage Comic
computer storage comic

When I got back to my desktop I saw the same files on it that I had when I started this troubleshooting process, even though I said to remove all settings/files in the reset command. I keep everything online, so I have no problem to redo Windows.

If this happens to you, make sure everything is backed up online and then start the process. As part of the recovery process, Windows asked if I wanted to restore a backup of my computer from the cloud that listed my computer and the backup that had been done that day. I did not restore that backup. The entire point of reinstalling, was to start from scratch/new, and importing old settings would just possibly recreate the problem I was trying to fix.

When I started the reset process the Windows assures you that it will only take a few minutes. Not even. Even with a fast connection and a fast computer, this process took an hour. Be prepared to invest some time to get a new computer.

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