Kindness is often missed because we aren’t aware of it

kindness stranger comic

I shared earlier that I got my Covid shot. When I was there I was a little impatient because I was sitting in the chair for the shot and the nurse didn’t show up for 5 minutes.  I was thinking “I did everything I was supposed to do to be ready.”

When the nurse arrived she said that the reason she was late is that since I was the first shot of the day she warmed up the medicine for me. This made getting the shot more comfortable. I was instantly humbled. I was feeling frustrated that they weren’t doing their job and she was doing her job and then some. She could have just given me a shot and not care about it being cold. She took the time/trouble to make it more comfortable for me and that was gracious and kind. I thanked her for doing so because I had never had a nurse tell me this.

After that happened I was thinking that probably many times in my life people have been kind to me that I may not have noticed. I try to thank people for kindness but it seems that I have missed some. If you are a reader who was kind to me and I didn’t thank you, I’m sorry, and thank you. Being sensitive usually means that I don’t miss much in interpersonal reactions but no one is perfect.

There were many times in my life I was kind to others and they weren’t aware of it. I don’t need recognition for that. I am simply sharing that when we act out of kindness we do it for ourselves first of all because we feel we want to give and help others. Out of all the ways that others have helped me, it is only fair to give back. Giving is inherently a selfish act because it usually makes us feel good. However, if you can give and do not need to feel good about it, you are growing and on your way to nobleness.

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