Kicked out of the Cub Scouts

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I joined the Cub Scouts as a kid but I got kicked out. Here is why.

In the meetings, we would have the Cub Scout leader who was my cousin had lots of interesting things to say. I remember asking lots of questions because his statements were not entirely factual. He did not appreciate that and told me to save my questions until after class.

After class, the rest of the kids left and he took me into the kitchen and explained that I may not be Cub Scout material. He said that Cub Scouts will become Boy Scouts and part of the deal is to be obedient and reverent. I was failing on those two points and he didn’t think there was a way to salvage my lack of respect for those values. He said I should seriously consider if this was the right fit for me.

I went home and thought about what he said and realized that Cub Scouts wasn’t for me. I liked doing things and getting merit badges but I didn’t like not being able to ask questions and to have a better understanding of the reasons why were are asked to do things. Now some employers or coworkers who may be reading will say here “This is where Brian has gone wrong. This is why he questions everything. It is his nature.” Perhaps it is. I never believed anything that was told to me, and I had to test the truth of everything myself.

Being a Cub Scout meant that I had to promise lots of things that may not necessarily be true. My questions were to question his authority but to give me a reason to confirm it. Too often people in authority hate to be questioned because they think blind loyalty is better than reasoned and rational leadership. Too often I find authority nothing but another name for fascist, ignorant, and poor leadership.

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I don’t know if I would be a better person if I had been a Cub Scout, but if I had swallowed the BS I would not be me.