In the music video by Young Jeezy called Dreamin’ ft Keyshia Cole (which I have in my favorite music) page it asks kids what they want to be when they grow up. Different kids have different ideas and the last kid says “I just want to be alive”. How sad that a kid has to worry about staying alive to reach his adulthood.

He isn’t the only one. Now kids know that they could get sick and die, and with the violence in schools a child has never had more reasons to feel insecure.  We have to find ways to help those who we love feel secure and not just kids either.

Adults feel insecure and you can see this in your daily life. Never before have people been so selfish. In the past there was a sense of community for people at large, but people have divided their love into groups that feel support them. Both Democrats and Republicans hate each other,  and we find more reasons to divide and separate ourselves from others.

Don’t you find it interesting that those who benefit from this division are the people who sell solutions to feel pleasure and safe? We have an unlimited funds for the military and police who promise to make us feel safe, but record numbers of us are dying. Never before have we had such a social disaster, when we have so many resources to address it.

I have said before the lack of kindness and empathy is killing us spiritually, emotionally and intellectually and it is so clear now. We lack the ability to take the most basic precautions to protect those around us. I watched a video in Japan where a sick person was tested and when they discovered they were sick they said “I should go home” and they left. They didn’t get a bath because it was more important to protect the community than to get a bath. Where is our love for our fellow man?

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We will destroy ourselves if we go down this road of selfishness. Why are you being selfish and our greatest happiness has been in making others happy?