Judge Judy is nicer than I would be

Judge Judy Image

The more Judge Judy episodes I watch, the more I realize that she is nicer than I would be.

Why do I say this? Her YouTube channel shows videos from years back and was “nicer” than she is now. The problem is that those court proceedings are disorderly, mean, filled with language and childish behavior. I completely understand why she had to be tough with her clients. Her clients weren’t acting respectfully concerning her and the court.

This is dramatic the older the videos are. She is often quiet hoping that they will gain control of themselves and they don’t. Even now people haven’t learned that they need to shut up and answer the questions that she asks. It is just remarkable to me how unprepared her clients are. You would think they might watch some old videos of her to see how things will go, but they don’t and they do all of the things that she doesn’t like and don’t help their case.

Judge Judy Image
judge judy image

For example, there are certain words that she doesn’t want to hear because they don’t mean anything. Using slang with her generally doesn’t go well. If people don’t have their facts ready, that doesn’t sit with her well either. At times people’s court cases are only a few minutes because they are completely unwilling to listen to what she is telling them. Often people interrupt her like she isn’t in control of the process. It just baffles me.

What is most surprising is that people seem to go to her and other court cases just to argue and be childish. Almost as a rule, people are not entitled to what they are asking for and often don’t get the punishment that they deserve. Many of these people are truly awful. They laugh when others are hurt, and have no empathy for others’ pain. I have seen videos where people ask Judge Judy to ignore the law to help them and she won’t do it. I wouldn’t do it either. People try to avoid all sense of responsibility in the courtroom as well.

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One episode had a mom trying to divorce her daughter. What kind of messed up person does that? The daughter didn’t choose to be born. That was a decision from the parents. If the parents don’t want the child, then 18 years later is a little late to try to reverse the process. What are people thinking? Where is the love that people should have and the acceptance of others?

If anyone says Judge Judy is mean, ask them if they have seen the older episodes, and if they have did they feel that justice was served in them? No, all I see is people trying to hurt others emotionally and that doesn’t help anyone.