I’ve been accused of overcommunicating

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I’ve been accused of overcommunicating. I find this a strange complaint.

When I have been a manager I have appreciated people who kept me in touch with what they are doing on a daily basis and any potential problems/blockers they saw. I tried to help them remove blockers, and didn’t consider it a burden to know what they were doing. At times I had a different idea of how it might be easier for them and suggested it.

When I have been told I overcommunicate it is because I hate to leave loose ends. I want to know that something was successful and I follow up with my clients to make sure that they are happy with the result. Yes, it is more communication than people are used to, but I appreciate knowing that it worked for them and I don’t take silence as confirmation that the problem is solved.

As you know clients many times are silent when they still have an issue. They might be busy, frustrated, or for any other number of reasons. I want to know that my effort had the desired result and that I am effectively helping someone. I don’t understand people who just are happy interpreting silence and contentment.

This is not to say how wonderful I am. This is more work and exhausting to do in practice. I respond to every email, I dot every I, and cross every t. It doesn’t make my life easier, but it does help me know that each day I am making a positive difference in others’ lives. That’s all I want to do in my life. To make my life dedicated to making the world a better place.

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Idealistic? Perhaps. I don’t find any enjoyment in just living my life for myself. I am not just a monkey, there must be a greater meaning to life.