It doesn’t matter who gets the credit

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It doesn’t matter who gets the credit. You know what you did to make something happen.

Yes, this is counter to what people say about talking about yourself and showing your value to your company. If you have to show your value to your company, they probably aren’t smart enough to value you.

I have had many times in my life where other people took the credit and I couldn’t argue. Several bosses passed off my work as their own. Many coworkers claimed they did things that I did. If I had argued with any of these people then it wouldn’t have gone well with me. My boss would fire me, and my coworker would have been a bigger jerk than he already was.

Does this mean that you should just roll over and let people claim your work? I’m not telling you what you should do, but for me, I have given up the need to get credit for my work. If someone doesn’t see and connect that good things are happening when I am around, they probably aren’t the right place for me.

All of those places where someone else took the credit had a toxic environment and weren’t a great long-term option. Teamwork begins with honesty and when people can’t be honest, then what are you working towards? Too often people try to take shortcuts and for that, they get ahead and get promoted, while the people with the real skills know what they did.

You can argue and prove that you did something, but people either like you or they don’t. Nothing you do will ever change their mind about who they think you are. If they don’t like you, you won’t ever win them over. You just have to accept that there will always be haters who work against you and be content that you can do your job and go home.  If you are WFH stay home!

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