IT consultants has unexpected bonuses

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Consulting Comic
consulting comic

Being an IT consultant has unexpected bonuses. I experienced one earlier this week.

I had been communicating with a previous company about returning their laptop since they didn’t contact me to return it. It turns out that they told me to keep it and the value of that computer is about $800 now. Back then it was probably $1200. Surprisingly, many companies don’t seem to care if their equipment is returned.

This was the computer on which I put Mint Linux on. I have to say that Mint is superior to Windows 11 in my experience for the average person. It is easily understood to use, and the performance is awesome. It installed faster than Windows 11 and looked better on my projector than a more expensive Windows 11 gaming system.

I have been using this system more than my main one and am pleasantly surprised. I like the little things. For example, I connected my Bluetooth headphones to it and it recognized them faster than Windows 11 did. It also had neat automatic options for software updates. That was pretty neat. Windows 11 didn’t have that. As I said the color looks more accurate than the gaming PC and it is so vivid and crisp.

Nothing is perfect so what is the downside? I had to learn a different way to copy and paste. You hit CTRL + insert to paste text from the clipboard in memory. I had to google this, but it’s no big deal. This is a small thing compared to the advantages.

It joined my Wifi network faster than Windows. I liked that I could download a Flatpack for Brave Browser which made it so easy. I installed a 1Password extension and it is working perfectly. I could easily use this full-time.

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