Is NYC going to be the AI capital?

Ai Funny Comic

I hope so. That would be an incredible business opportunity.

You can read more in this Axios article New York Wants to be AI’s World Capital Nice summary in the link.

Ai Funny Comic
ai funny comic

The article sells NYC as a way to make deals with other industries and the connections that are available compared to other cities. That is a good point. NYC is a networking powerhouse. I wonder if that will continue however given how global things are, and the rising tech areas in other parts of the US as the article reminds the reader.

I think that we have the diversity that can be a strength for companies. I love that we have all kinds of people here, and that leads ultimately to more inclusive and creative ideas. I wonder if new companies will be able to realize the talent they have locked in their people. Too often companies ignore their talent and look for other people. I never understood this.

Still, in a few days from writing this a huge tourist and business opportunity will happen for NYC. I wonder what the future holds.

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