Investigating gaming laptops

video game comic

I tried to play a game on my 4-year-old PC laptop but it was unplayable. Now I am looking at the options so that I can play more games.

Why do I need to play that game? I have a friend who is an expert in games. He suggested games that I really enjoyed like RDR2 and it was amazing. He suggested a game called Control that I tried to play but the lagging made the game unplayable. So I just considering my options.

One of the other things I want to play is the next version of Cities Skyline which is due out this year. It is a demanding game and it warms up my Macbook Pro which is the fastest computer that I have. The PC can do more than the console version so it needs higher requirements.

The laptops that I like are in the $2200-$3500 range. I want to get a top-of-the-line video card so that I won’t be stuck playing games in the future. I have tried cheap gaming laptops and they are just useless.

However, building a real computer is a better value and would allow me to more easily upgrade to newer features and be generally much cheaper. I am really torn. Using a regular desktop instead of a laptop is so old school. I was so thrilled with laptops that desktops felt like going backward. However, since it saves lots of money and gives better performance it’s compelling as well. This is going to require more research.

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