Inclusion is what society wants

inclusion comic

Inclusion is what society wants. Don’t let those who divide people tell you differently.

It is easy to think that what used to work for society can still work. Many people still believe that interracial marriages shouldn’t happen, and other BS like that. There are always small-minded people who want to go back to the past because they think that is the way things should be.

I love the fact that the increase in minorities means that whites will be a minority in the near future. It means that there will finally be an end to this silly idea that the color or origin of someone has any bearing on their capability or character. I am thrilled that companies are hiring minorities and that the present and future are multiculturalism.

Is there a downside to inclusion? I can’t think of any. Rather than exclude people for silly and absurd ideas we are getting towards a place where everyone can contribute if they want. Instead of being led by outdated ideas of what people can and can’t do, we have opened our eyes a little bit to the value that different perspectives and thoughts bring to an organization.

In the past, I worked in many minority-owned businesses and I really enjoyed it. There are smart and hardworking people all over the world. My experience in life has been that many times minorities knew more than I did, and I learned quite a bit from the different coworkers I have known in my career. Of course, I have also worked with smart white people, but on the whole, they tended to be arrogant and cruel and I didn’t enjoy working with them as much.

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You don’t naturally know how to get along with people who are different from you. You have to be respectful, carefully listen to others, and be quick to apologize for any misunderstandings on your part. It helped that I joked around with my incomplete understanding and showed the BS that I had been taught about minorities wasn’t true.

I am glad inclusion is here and being kind and respectful is the way to help it grow.