Improve your emergency preparations with this excellent fire-starting kit

fire starting kit screenshot

If you want to improve your emergency preparations with this excellent fire-starting kit, it is pretty affordable.

What I like about this is that it allows you to start a fire without any need to buy gas or fuel consumables. With a spark and these consumables you can easily start a fire. I tested this out when I got the kit and using a cast iron pan made a fire easily in it.

One of the risks of using something like an electronics based lighter is that it may break or not be reliable when you need it. This Tin has everything you need and it doesn’t have a time limit. Of course I have a regular lighter, matches, electronic lighter as well but since fire is so crucial for food and warmth, it is essential you always can make it.

What is the downside of this kit? I didn’t find the wood sawing tool to be that impressive. In an emergency situation it may work but I wouldn’t depend on it. There are much studier and easier tools that don’t take up lots of space that could be used. However for its size you can’t beat it.

Why would someone who lives in apartment need this? There are times that apartment building heaters fail, and this has happened to me in the past. While I didn’t immediately build a fire when that happened, if the heater broke and the electricity went out then I would have had that option. No I don’t stock firewood but I live near lots of trees so that isn’t an issue. If I didn’t live near trees that I would consider stocking some firewood that could last a week which covers the period of time that a true emergency might happen.

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When you think of your life, you have to consider the likelihood that things may happen. I am prepared for many situations and hope that I don’t ever have to use this stuff.