Improve your customer service skills by reading

superman survey

If you work in customer service you can improve your skills by reading the website

superman survey
superman survey

I like reading this because it has interesting stories and solutions on how to deal with difficult customers. After I read a story I always ask myself how I might have handled it differently. At times I wouldn’t have handled it any differently, and it is a good preview of how people might react.

The interesting thing about customer service is that you can do everything right, and still have an angry customer. At times people abuse employees because they can, and you learn not to take it personally. In time you even learn to empathize with those people and help them see that they are not alone. I think also that many abusive customers don’t have good interpersonal skills so you have to be a teacher at times in helping people learn how to socialize with others.

I have learned so many things from reading this website. I have learned what to do in specific situations and what can be done if you are an unhappy customer. I don’t receive any financial reward for sharing this website, I just have found it personally and professionally helpful. I have used some of the strategies I learned on it to solve my own customer issues with great results.

Customer service can be a challenge with nice customers. You have to adjust your approach based on the personality of each client. You have to have a professional standard of care that helps people feel valued and their issues resolved. I like using humor when possible because I understand people are tense and anxious at work. Other times a more formal tone is needed if they associate formality with professionalism. You learn what your customers like and you help them in the way they prefer.

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I like helping people, and this website has helped me do it efficiently.