Illness is a chance to grow

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I recently was sick and it gave me lots of time to think. I often think, but I had even more time to think. Here is what I learned.

We choose something in life and work towards getting that goal and work at it thinking it will make us happy. Then when you get sick you have a moment to pause and ask yourself if getting that really will make you happier. You ask yourself why you are doing things, and if what you are doing is making you happier or not. Life has ways to give us opportunities to reevaluate our life and see if we need to change direction.

Often in life I have had struggles to get what I thought would make me happy. This was especially true in relationships in the past. What I couldn’t see at the time is that just because I could do something, doesn’t mean I should do it. We are so in love with our freedoms that just doing things makes us feel happy, even if we don’t know the end result will make us happy.

For example, lots of people get married and then half of them get divorced. Is that wrong that people are hopeful and in love? Of course not. It does make you wonder however, if their rush to be married kept them from finding a more compatible partner. For myself, I didn’t always choose the right partner and that was on me. I should have had more wisdom. It took time but the right person came into my life and now it seems obvious. Relationships are work, but they shouldn’t be as tough as the relationships that I had in the past.

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My mistakes help me grow, and when I have been sick it has helped me to grow as well. It let me have a chance to rest and not work inappropriately hard on getting a goal that wouldn’t lead to long term happiness. Life often surprises me how it helps me make better decisions. Do you sometimes feel that you get guidance from how life treats you?