What technology can’t do

'You know when I was a kid, I really thought we'd have flying robot maids by now.'

Technology can do many things, but we try to force it to do things it can never do.

'You know when I was a kid, I really thought we'd have flying robot maids by now.'
‘You know when I was a kid, I really thought we’d have flying robot maids by now.’

We try to screen resumes with an ATS system that looks for keywords or other metrics. I have had this applied to me and as soon as I am done applying to a job I have been sent an email that I don’t fit the qualifications. Okay, but I had all of the requirements as stated in the ad. Where are the hidden qualifications occurring?

Technology is used to discriminate and then people say “That’s what the computer said.” That computer was programmed by people who had certain assumptions that may not be true. People are rarely given the opportunity to challenge the computer.

Take for example a bank that does redlining. They don’t need a map on their wall, they just need a programmer to put that racist assumption in there to discriminate. You don’t have to have in your face racism, to suffer racism.

Technology will never create equality or chances for people who deserve and can do the job. So many times I have interviewed for a job and the interviewer said “You can do the job but you aren’t the right cultural fit.” Fine. I accept that. However, too often the cultural fit is for someone who fits what they think an ideal employee is, and not someone who can do the job and be professional.

I am not complaining about jobs I didn’t get. I am glad that I don’t work for companies that can’t appreciate me. In fact, I would go so far as to say that I probably worked for some companies I shouldn’t have, but it was a learning experience for both of us.

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Technology can’t give you any insight into the potential of an employee. You have to talk with them and see where they are at. I have worked with plenty of people who were motivated and knowledgeable and they were successful in their job.

Use technology for what it is good at.