Ignore what people say, pay attention to what people do

'Well this is just great!. . . She was my life coach.'

If you want to be happy in life, you need to ignore what people say and pay attention to what people do.

'Well this is just great!. . . She was my life coach.'
‘Well this is just great!. . . She was my life coach.’

Every day we are handed situations where what people say is completely opposite to what they do. For example, today I had a person mistakenly call me. I texted them back saying my name because sometimes people forget names like I do. They told me to never contact them again. Fine. Then ten minutes ago and 8 hours later, they called me back, and when I answered and said my name they hung up.

Now I could drive myself crazy asking why, but it is better to let it go. I’ll give you another example. Once I had a supervisor who asked me to give him updates on every step of a project I was doing. So then an hour later I let him know after I made some progress, and when I went into his office he told me to tell the assistant manager instead. Ok, I told him. I’m happy to tell whomever you want me to tell, just decide what you want me to do.

The important thing in life is to ignore what people say. What people say is often the most easiest and convenient thing for them to say. Rarely do most people actually follow through with what they promise. I think most of us can confirm the broken promises of recruiters, salesmen, and people who say they care about us.

This isn’t a complaint. This isn’t something that I am bitter about. I recognize the reality of life. The reality is that most people don’t really care about who you are, except for how it furthers their own goals. It is sad that rarely do friendships, help, and human compassion exist. When you find it, it is rare and special indeed.

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Life can be beautiful when you find beautiful souls to share it with. Otherwise, just don’t give people a second thought when they are self-centered.