Ignore the haters

"i Am Not A Hater. I Just Don't Discriminate With My Prejudices."

In life sometimes you might feel that the haters are right about you. Don’t believe it.

At times some people I have met have not liked me or wanted to know me. That fine. I am not going to please everyone. However for some people, it isn’t enough that we are different, they need to feel superior when they meet someone they don’t like.

For me, if I meet someone I don’t like I just leave them alone. They can do their life and I can enjoy mine. I have noticed however that some people go out of their way to hurt others and that always baffles me.

"i Am Not A Hater. I Just Don't Discriminate With My Prejudices."
“I am not a hater. I just don’t discriminate with my prejudices.”

For example, growing up I was called several unkind names by different types of people. Even though I wasn’t anything that those people called me, I could see that it was their mental issues that they were projecting on me and nothing wrong with myself. We think we are broken when other people give us feedback, but often the broken one is the one insulting others. I am not saying this to make you feel sorry for me. I felt sorry for those people when they treated me this way. It is just a fact of life that mental health is poor and others will take out their pain on you.

One of the most surprising haters is oneself. It has been my experience with many women I have met that they have a deep feeling they are defective/broken. This is sad. I have been trusted with many women’s secrets of abuse and I felt sorry for all of them. I asked what I could do, and it was just enough for me to listen and hug them and say they didn’t deserve it. I have had men tell me that they have been depressed but it seems easier for women to express their feelings than most of the male friends I have known.

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You don’t deserve to feel bad about yourself no matter what you think you have done. In a world where people routinely avoid responsibility and feel justified as the victim, the worst victimization is what we do to ourselves. We need to show self-love and ignore any hateful thoughts/feelings no matter who it is coming from and sometimes even ourselves. We need to think of ourselves with love and believe in our abilities.

People who try to question your abilities and doubt your capacity to deal with life are people to avoid. Don’t give them another thought.