If you feel tired chances are your coworker feels that too

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If you feel tired chances are your coworker feels that too.

One of the most common ways that I connected to my coworkers was simply being open to small talk and not having an agenda. They saw that I had nothing to prove, and so they felt comfortable sharing things with me.

Often I would have coworkers share their frustrations or joys and I got to learn many things from them. You can often appreciate you coworkers more by simply listening and it takes off any pressure to be clever or smart.

People don’t really want clever or smart people. They want someone they feel comfortable with and if you can be kind and respectful, people really seem to appreciate and hunger for that.

I understand that in a world where people are disrespected all the time, kindness can seem strange. Many coworkers have asked me what my angle was when they couldn’t figure me out. I told them that I don’t have an angle and that I don’t want anything from them. Some people just haven’t had the experience of being respected.

It is unfortunate that we live in a time where people who use others seem to get ahead in the world. I don’t want wealth if it comes at the expense of hurting others. Surprisingly I have been given feedback that I am too kind and generous. I am not saying this to glorify myself, but rather to show that people are really uncomfortable with kindness at times.

With people who don’t want kindness I just ignore them. If they want to experience a world that feels harsh and cruel that is their choice. That is not the world/vibe that I wish to have. Mr. Rodgers meant so much to me growing up that if I am kind, it is partly because of him. I smile when I am complimented because I know that it took others that are not seen to help nurture and allow me to maintain my emotional intelligence.

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Listen to others, and often you will find that they feel similarly to you.