If Time=Money why don’t companies pay people to apply?

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Companies say Time=Money but they don’t believe it.

Why can I say this? If they did then they would pay people to apply for jobs and interview and the job process.

Let’s reverse the situation. Let’s say instead of people applying for jobs, we had jobs apply for people. Now people’s time is valuable, isn’t it? That means there is a real cost for someone open to a new job.

This means that an interested company that is going to make tremendous profits from someone’s work now has to pay the person they want to make a profit from to talk to them and see if working for them makes sense.

We have the hiring process backward. When you have demonstrated skills, you don’t need to sell yourself, you need companies to sell themselves.

For some people, this is exactly what happens. A lucky few I have heard have companies reaching out to them to work for them through recruiters/headhunters. They get possibilities for job offers with paid travel taken care of and any kind of out-of-pocket expense covered. Why isn’t this for everyone rather than the C-suite?

Oh yeah, it’s because the marketplace thought it sounded fair to treat some people differently than others. I have worked closely with the boards in some companies and I assure you they are not the best and the brightest. People who are on boards often pay to be on them, and if that isn’t backward I don’t know what is.

We accept a system that purposefully breaks down someone to make them seem replaceable. No one is replaceable. You may find someone who has similar or the same skills as someone else, but there is a hole left in companies for everyone who leaves. I have been told by my coworkers that after I accepted a better job, they accepted a better job as well. The cost of turnover is high and part of this is thinking that people are like replaceable parts. They aren’t.

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Companies that don’t see the inherent worth and dignity of people are the real losers. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad because you don’t have a job or are underemployed. It isn’t you, it is people who can’t see past the next quarterly profit.