I want to try an immutable Linux OS. Which one?

Blend Os Screenshot
Blend Os Screenshot
Blend OS screenshot

I would go with BlendOS for Linux. It makes the process of using Distrobox easy and since it is built-in, you don’t need to configure it.

Now am I saying that this is a superior option to OpenSuse for developers? Maybe. It depends on how you work and what functionality you need. Trying it out with VirtualBox might be a good first step to see if works for you. Or a spare machine would be simple to understand how it might perform in the real world.

For me, even though I have to set up Distrobox in OpenSuse, Opensuse is far more interesting and compelling. As a system administrator, this is exactly the kind of OS that I want to use. I have never used an OS that had such a wonderful balance of ease of use for the newbie and advanced tools for the system administrator. It is quite interesting digging into the system and finding out all of the things that it is capable of doing.

As I wrote the last paragraph I wondered if I had set up Virtualbox. When I discovered I hadn’t, I installed it and then tried to start it. OpenSuse unlike Linux Mint said that I wasn’t a member of a group that was allowed to access it. That is both helpful and unhelpful. However helpfully it told me exactly how to fix it, and I did that in a minute. Since this is based on a server OS it is helpful that they don’t assume that all users have access to all applications. It’s a secure approach. However, the home user may get frustrated having to add themselves to a group. However, anyone who uses Virtualbox is not a casual user so this criticism is probably a non-issue. The balance between security and ease of use is constantly changing and it’s always helpful to consider what approach will be the most useful for a company/end user.

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Why did I install VirtualBox? I haven’t given up on having an Android OS so that I can play Marvel Strike Force on my computer. It would be amazing to see it on the big screen. However, I could do it right now by plugging it into my Apple TV or possibly even using the USB-C connection to it. Nope, it won’t accept the direct USB-C connection, so Apple TV it is until I get Android OS working. I might buy a USB-C to HDMI connection to see if that works. I like the wireless option better.

Everything is possible it just has to make sense for its intended purpose.