I really admire Suzy Eddie Izzard

suzy izzard

There are comedians who are funny. Comedians who are funny and wise. Comedians that are funny, wise and touching and that is Suzy Eddie Izzard (and Adam Wade).

Yesterday I watched a youtube video where they talked about their past life. They said they were genderfluid and had elements of male and female gender qualities. I loved the positive message that Suzy had and their point of view.

Why do I admire Suzy? For many reasons. One, for having the courage to stand up to hate and oppression. Anyone who can live their truth deserves respect. Two, for taking that abuse and turning it into something that can heal and bring people closer together with the comedy. Three, for supporting those who don’t have a voice and speaking out for all humanity.

I like people who care about humanity at large. I recently watched a video with Paula Poundstone and she expressed her concern that we aren’t getting enough human community and that we need that. I agree. Community is so important and how we don’t value it just speaks to the poverty of our values.

Both of these people and more have used humor to make a positive difference in the world. It is fun to laugh and even more fun and meaningful to laugh and be inspired. It changes you and helps you to grow, which is always important to me.

It also was fun to see Suzy getting her nails done in the middle of a race and then going off and racing some more. Did you know she did several days of races as part of awareness campaigns for charity? What an amazing feat. How amazing is it that people are willing to sacrifice their own comfort to help others? It shows you that they really do live their values.

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We don’t need to sacrifice for others, but when you do its shows your money is where your mouth is.