I have a TV but I don’t watch it

good on tv comic

Why? I use the TV as a computer monitor.

As a kid, I used to watch TV all the time. I didn’t have many entertainment options living in a small town. Then as my options widened I read books, acted in plays, and other things. Why am I sharing this? I think watching TV so much as a kid burnt me out on TV and when I was on my own I never bought a TV subscription.

In fact, for many years I didn’t have a TV at all in my place. I didn’t miss it. I had a computer and I could watch any video or movie I wanted and even if the screen was smaller, it was clearer and easier for me than the hassle of purchasing TV service. I hated advertisements, and I could control advertisements on my computer far better. Using Brave makes it easy to control all the ad crap. It is built right in.

This is not to flex and say that I am above entertainment. I like entertainment, but I find that most TV/entertainment is just junk. The older I got the more I could see the theme of the show quickly and it is boring to know the outcome. I want to be surprised, which I know is hard but it is the job of the writer to make it a surprise. For that reason, I love shows that have surprise twists like The Twilight Zone.

Being able to learn online has been so incredible for my computer career. It has helped me upskill to get higher-paying jobs and more responsibility. I love being able to understand things, and that to me is the reward of avoiding TV. TV often wasted my time even with educational channels. With the computer, you can get up-to-date content, and you can control what kind of content you interact with. To me, I am surprised that TV has held on so long, but I don’t see it continuing to be a one-way medium. It will either get more like the internet or die.

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