Brave browser is my favorite

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I wrote a post years ago about testing browsers and I determined that I liked Brave Browser the best. I have been using it since then and it has exceeded my expectations.

Since then I have kept up with new browsers and compared them for security and support. I still think Brave is an excellent choice. No, I am not getting paid for this I just wanted more people to be aware of this excellent choice.

What is its strengths? It comes ready out of the box for people who are not IT experts to have good security. It is compatible with Google Chrome plugins so it is easy to switch. It is faster and more stable than other browsers, and it looks better than other browsers I have tried. There is a website that lists browsers and their security features and for me Brave has the combination of security features and ease of use I want.

What is the downside? Being made fun of for using this browser. I once shared it with a supervisor I had and he said that if it was a superior browser more people would be using it instead of Chrome. I couldn’t believe that he said that. Plenty of people use crappy products because they don’t know, lazy or don’t care. The other downside is that I have to download it when I redo my computer, but I don’t consider this a serious problem.

Now if you are an IT admin using Edge makes sense for admin things. However with that said, I have used Brave for Microsoft IT admin things and it has worked perfectly. The technology is clearly superior to Chrome and if a company wants an Edge alternative, this is my first choice. Brave has won the browser war for me, but if people don’t want to give it a chance then Edge is my second choice.

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