I got SuperSkrull in Marvel Strike Force

Super Skrull
Super Skrull
Super Skrull

I am so happy that I finally got SuperSkrull in Marvel Strike Force.

It has taken a long time to get this. I am not fond of this character but it is necessary to be competitive in the game so I will develop it. I think this character is ugly and I don’t want to develop ugly characters.

One of my mistakes in the past was spending resources to develop the wrong characters. Some characters are just trash and even when developed are weak and not useful. Since SS is one of the most powerful I have no choice but to develop him. I wish there was a different system than forcing certain characters to be good. I would prefer a system where characters were good because of their mood and different times of the month certain characters would be good and others not so good.

Right now most people are focusing on the same characters which means that playing isn’t so great when people are so similar. There needs to be more randomness in the best characters in the game or else the gameplay will be boring. For example what about a system that lets you choose your bonus depending on where you live? So if you live in Canada then you get a bonus for the Canadian-based teams. Or let the person choose their bonus based on the two closest regional team bonuses where they live.

Even though I made mistakes in the past in whom to upgrade, ultimately everyone you upgrade will be helpful at some point. Those people who didn’t do well have still helped me win smaller battles. It wasn’t the ideal path and I spent more time getting accomplishments like SuperSkrull but they did have other benefits in the game.

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I am not telling anyone how to play the game. Everyone has to follow their path. I have done much better after listening to @Valleyflyin and @MobileGamer365. After listening to them after realizing I was investing in the wrong players, I have made the fastest progress in the game.

I’ll upgrade SS to be competitive but not a drop more than that. In life, you are forced to do certain things, but after that point, it’s your choice what you do.