I can handle the cold, don’t give me warm weather!

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I can handle the cold, but don’t give me warm weather.

Isn’t it funny how we don’t get sick in winter until spring? I am sick now and the weather is 60 degrees outside. Life never works out how we plan, does it?

Which is fine, I am not complaining. We often prepare for what we think is the problem, and then it turns out that the transition to an easier time is the real issue in our lives.

I have read the statistic that says that there is a high rate of death when people retire. Yes of course because of the advanced age, but even taking that out, when people retire and they are younger and healthier they get sick and die quickly as well.

The study I linked to above talks about the link between early retirement and death. Now, this isn’t an argument to work until you die. However, like many things in life what seems intuitively true and what is reality is very different.

It seems that humans best thrive in adverse environments. Well considering the state of the world today, is this adverse enough for ya?

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