Hug in an elevator

Crossfit Elevator Stuck
Crossfit Elevator Stuck
Crossfit elevator stuck

Not exactly what Stephen Tyler had in mind but it happened to me.

I once worked in a company where several coworkers treated me respectfully. Surprise I know. It can happen. Anyway, one day I was in the elevator with one of them and she looked sad. I asked her “May I hug you? You look sad.” She gladly accepted and said thank you.

There have been times that I have hugged both men and women at work who seemed sad or had a tragic loss. Sometimes something is the right thing to do. If I get fired for showing humanity, I am always prepared to accept that. I am not saying how you should behave at work, just what seems to work for me. I won’t always have a job, but I will always have guilt if I don’t do what I can to help others. I always ask for permission, they are always friends and have been friendly/physical with me before, so far it has worked out wonderfully.

Why am I sharing this? I thought of the title above randomly and I figured why not, Let’s write about this experience. Many times I have had unique experiences at work, and at people’s homes when I would go to their home to support them with white glove service. However, that is another story.


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