Tor browsing in Brave still painfully slow

Thatched Roof
Thatched Roof
Thatched roof

This seems to be the case no matter what browser you use the Tor mode in. Even the Tor browser is slow.

The issues here are pretty straightforward and understood. Tor depends on bandwidth and they don’t have enough. This means that you should only use Tor if you have no choice. Brave kindly tells you that using the Brave Tor mode doesn’t completely protect you. So if your life is at risk, don’t use Tor in Brave.

I did it because every few years I just am curious and check up to see if the experience has improved any. I thought there was a chance it might be faster since I am using a 1GB connection, but it is just as slow as it was years ago. It is so slow you wonder if it is working or not. Frustrating.

Is there any way to get it faster? There are always things you can do to make things faster but for the average person, it may not make sense. For me, I am not that curious to try to optimize the Tor connection. I am not doing anything that I need to hide, and my life isn’t in danger that I know about. So right now this is not a priority. If my circumstances change then I will investigate it more. If my ISP wants to see what kind of documentaries I watch, more power to them. I watched this touching documentary last night about thatched roofs in Japan. I had never seen it done before. I enjoy watching NHK.

Governments should offer free tor bandwidth and optimize this channel as part of a public service. Yes, criminals would use it, but they are using it now so the only difference is that legitimate people could also use it. We shouldn’t avoid doing something because criminals find a way to game the system.

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