How easily we forget a beautiful example of humanity

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How easily we forget a beautiful example of humanity. I was reminded of this when watching some awards last night.

The awards were lifetime achievement awards and what they focused on was the person’s spirit besides all of the things that brought enjoyment to others in their career. I thought what a wonderful way to leave the world, knowing it was a better place you were here.

I thought of all the beautiful examples in my life who made me who I am. Let’s start at the top. Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood, Reading Rainbow, 321 Contact, Bob Ross, Captain Kangaroo, Romper Room, David Letterman, Jon Stewart, Dick Cavett, Carol Burnet, Betty White, Lucile Ball, Paul Lynde, Elizbeth Montgomery, Judge Caprio, Alton Brown, Christopher Reeve, Suzie Eddie Izzard, my 3 schoolteacher/mentors, David Attenborough, Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Carl Sagan, Isaac Asimov, Jules Verne, Lewis Carroll, Douglas Hofstadter, Robin Williams, Mark Hamill, Gene Roddenberry, Tim-Berners Lee, Galileo, Darwin, Thomas Paine, Gandhi, Chief Joseph, Martin Luther King Jr, Johannes Gutenberg, Martin Luther, Karl Marx, Buddha, Tesla, Socrates, Nicolas Winton, Liu Xiaobo. There are more.

These are not the greatest or most impactful individuals in history. I doubt that anyone could compile that list. They are a starting point to people who did kind and loving things for others, and for that, they will always be remembered. They were a huge influence on our society and have brought us many of the things we enjoy today. However it is not their physical advancements that strike me, but their nobility of spirit. It was never easy to be in their position but they did what was difficult so that others life could be easier.

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I find all of these people and more to be inspiring. I feel so fortunate that I can be here at this time in history and experience the kindness and generosity of spirit that they have helped to create. When we face the challenges in our lives, let us draw inspiration from those who have gone before. We have so many great examples to emulate.