Hiding for love

Nature Comic

When parents don’t approve of your relationship with their daughter, things can get interesting.

I lived in a small town with very conservative religious values. Since I was not the majority religion I was viewed as an evil outsider. Still, some women my age must have felt sorry for me because they dated me. Probably were bored. Anyway, one of them I happened to visit at her job at night. She talked with me a while and then was surprised when her family called her and said they would be there in 5 minutes.

Nature Comic
nature comic

She asked me to hide because if they saw her with me, they would assume that I was using my evil powers to corrupt her. They knew I was dating her, but only in public places so that her honor and virtue could be maintained.

The problem is that we were in the parking lot and there was no place to hide. I did the only thing I could do as I saw their lights from far away enter the parking lot. I hid under a car and she walked to another area so that she didn’t seem suspicious. She told me later that her parents mentioned that it was strange that there was a guy under a car in the parking lot, and said that she giggled all the way home.

Once the car was gone I got up and dusted myself off and thought “Maybe this relationship isn’t the ideal thing I should be doing with my time.” Still, she was a sweet girl even if we ultimately weren’t right for each other. Like every majority religion woman that I dated, she said I needed to convert to date/marry her. I didn’t believe in their religion so that didn’t work for me. I hope she is happy and that she has at least a few funny moments to remember my evil relationship with her.

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