Have you had a company screen you with a questionaire?

Data Human Comic

It is interesting the lengths of how companies will go to avoid having a face-to-face interview.

For example, I have had multiple companies send me a questionnaire/request to do a one-way video that would take an hour to do. If we invest an hour in the application process for each company we stand very little chance of getting a job when hundreds of other people are also applying for it. It is a cost and reward question. The companies that make it more difficult to get an interview, don’t get the best and brightest.

Data Human Comic
data human comic

This isn’t just a question about the resources of time. It is about respect. Text on a page doesn’t communicate who a person is. It also lends itself to an AI answer or something that is BS. Authentic people want an authentic situation so that their character and knowledge can shine through.

Let’s say that you spend an hour filling out the questionnaire or do the one-way video interview. I did those in the past. I didn’t ever hear back from those companies. When companies are impersonal enough to do these things, the chances of getting a result from your effort are almost zero. If those companies had responded to my efforts, I still wouldn’t want to be involved with them. Being human means that you talk to people, not shuffle them off in an academic exercise that feels like a black hole.

Doing computer support people send in a ticket and often feel that they are just sending things to a black hole. I let them know when I receive the ticket, or call them telling them that I would like to work on it with them immediately. You can make people feel confident the system works only by having a human person at the other end of the process. The more that we get away from humanity, the more we all suffer.

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