Has anyone else been taking cold showers lately?

shower temp benefits graphic

I have, but not entirely by choice.

The apartment complex had hot water out today, a few days ago, and then the week before. I like to take a shower every day so I will take it with hot water or not.

shower temp benefits graphic
shower temp benefits graphic

It is not comfortable to take a cold shower, but I don’t like being dirty. It also helps my skin be healthy so I have multiple reasons to shower each day. One side effect of taking these showers is my skin is glowing, which is not enough of a reason for the discomfort.

The apartments that I live in were built around WW2 so they have very old plumbing. I do not doubt that they have issues. Earlier the management property sent a strongly worded letter saying that people were trying to flush inappropriate things down the toilet and clogging it. I have seen this same letter at a friend’s apartment warning the apartment renters to not flush inappropriate things. I guess this is a universal problem.

I guess another benefit is that because it will be a warm day today, starting cold might cool people down. I bet my other renters are angry and this will probably mean I will see more move-outs in the next few weeks/months. Companies are so stupid to not keep people happy. Eventually, word gets around and then you go out of business when you run out of victims.

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