WordPress makes some interesting and confusing choices

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The more I am digging into WordPress the more its choices baffle me.

For example:

You can’t upload an AVIF file in the Media Library. This is silly. When web browsers have supported this format for years it is silly that you can’t do this. There is no reason for this.

There is no option for Scheduled Actions under Tools to automatically delete the completed actions. By default, you have to wait 30 days. Now for one site, this isn’t an issue, but many WordPress sites are multi-site sites. This means that there are probably a ton of old log files from using plugins that use this feature like WP Rocket. You should be able to automatically automate any repeating action, or delete useless log files on command.

You can’t by default change the order on the left blade of Apps/features. I understand they want UI consistency but it is not consistent when you have plugins that make their menu item and those are out of order. There should be an ability to adjust the order of those plugin/menu names.

You should be able to have a split window when you are designing your site. At the same time as designing your desktop site, the other side should be how it looks on mobile. That way you save time switching views. You can save a ton of time by not having to constantly test the views between different devices.

You should be able to change the software inside the WordPress application like your PHP version. You shouldn’t need to use CPANEL or other interfaces or rely on slow support to fix issues that could be handled by the users themselves.

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You should be able to set rules/shortcuts at the top menu item so that you can accomplish several things at once. It should allow you to visually click like a macro the combination of things you want to do. For example, since I am using a CDN/Rocket WP I like to flush all of my caches which means that I have done several things to do that. It would be easier to be able to push one button and then apply all of the caches you want to flush.

You should have the option to pay developers to pay for access to their code so that you can have a custom batch of code that you use that would be faster than using a plugin. I said before I am working to reduce my plugins and that would be a huge time saver.

Lots of things to improve in WordPress. Sometimes it feels like WordPress is focusing on things that don’t matter.