Hanging solar panels out the window on a windy day

secure clip screenshot

Today was the most windy day I’ve ever had with my solar panels.  The solar panels took a beating and I learned some lessons.

The first lesson I learned is that I should have looked more carefully at the side of the building where I put the solar panels. There were metal pieces that were old that scraped against the folding solar panel as it flopped in the wind. Totally my fault. Some light scratches, but it is clear I need to work on some kind of hook at the bottom. I am going to be investigating those next on Amazon.

The second lesson I learned is that when the wind flips over the panel I don’t get any sun. So I think what this means is that I need to put the solar panel so I can always see the top of it so I don’t wonder why the solar panel stopped. I had been putting the panel lower thinking it would reduce the shade, but the wind factor is more important. Plus by putting the solar panel higher, it will be at an angle at the top of the window so it will be less likely to catch on the wind and flip over.

secure clip screenshot
secure clip screenshot

I just readjusted it. The folding panel has a two-inch top that flips over with velcro to seal it when it is folded. If I place the velcro top under the screen window then not only do I see it, I make it less likely that it will flip. I think the solution to not flipping now, is having a continuous grip on the side of the upper velcro strip that connects to an anchor point on the window. I have used some clips that I think will do the job nicely. I am going to use these clips and attach them to the top of that strip then run a paracord through that and attach that to the window. This will distribute the weight better so it can’t flip from side to side. I am not being paid by them, I have used them with a friend and they work great.

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This is going to work great tomorrow. I can’t wait to try it out.