Hair is a weed

Hair Problems

My grandmother who was a florist said a weed is any plant that isn’t where it is wanted. She said that some people would consider roses a weed.

Why am I sharing this? I was thinking when shaving yesterday that often hair can be inconvenient. I shared before how a doctor said that my chest hair caused a problem with getting a proper EKG test reading. So that is one downside of being a guy I guess.

Hair Problems
hair problems

I have had very few problems with hair generally. Since I started losing my hair at an early age, it has been a nonissue for most of my life. This isn’t to brag but rather I feel grateful for this outcome. I learned when I used to date women that it can take hours for them to fix their hair, which I wouldn’t do. It’s nice to feel pretty, but if I present an unreasonable picture of how I normally look for someone then that isn’t fair to them.

I find hair kind of irritating to my skin. I tried a beard and a mustache in the past but I didn’t like it. I only needed to do that once to know it wasn’t right for me. Electrolysis is a scary procedure that isn’t worth it either. I don’t want to do any procedure unless it is required to live.

Hair is great when others have it, but I would rather not deal with it.

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