Google Search Console indexed three times what it normally does

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Yesterday when I looked into Google Search Console I noticed that instead of only indexing about 10 posts, it did about 37. This is far more than what it usually does.

Did I do anything different? Yes, instead of logging in every day I sometimes skipped two days. I said before that skipping a day seems to increase the speed at which it collects. It also seems to increase the number of articles that it collects as well.

google search console logo
google search console logo

GSC is inconsistent for me. What I have noticed is that I can see posts that say they are indexed but are still in the categories showing that they need action taken on them. Often those articles might hang out for a week. This means that when I am manually asking articles to be indexed, I will run across them and then move to the next pending search result since I just have to wait.

If I was to guess what Google is doing I would say that they are throttling requests and that when you don’t log in every day, it allows that daily allotment to be assigned to posts that are already in line to be added. Or if they show they are added, to be added to the SERP result pages and taken out of the “to do” action categories. It’s really weird. I don’t understand why Google is making this so unintuitive. If it doesn’t need action then don’t show it.

For me, I work until I figure something out but GSC seems to reward not doing anything. It also has the annoying feature that it finds more 404s the more of them you delete. It’s like Google wants 404s. When I try to remove the pages, the removal tool says “This has already been submitted” but it still shows as being listed as a 404. Make up your mind Google. Is this something I need to deal with or not?

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Patience is needed to work with GSC. I am making progress, it’s just so slow.