Index your pages fastest on Google Search Console

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If you want to have your pages indexed the fastest on Google Search Console, don’t log in and try to index any pages.

The reason that I say this is that when I have logged in every day for months, on Sunday usually pages would get indexed. However, when I stopped logging in every day, every few days new pages would get indexed. I guess GSC likes to have a day off.

google search console logo
Google search console logo

It has been a long process to get most of my content recognized. I have about 1300 SERP results now although I only have about 900ish posts. Part of what also is indexed is the category, dates, and other metadata about the information.

Now after I write this I am going to GSC and see how the results of this week have gone. Surprisingly I have had an increase in 404’s even though I am removing them. There always seems to be a lag in GSC. It never is up to date. I have been removing dead links and the more I remove the more it seems to find more dead links. While that is helpful, it is frustrating.

GSC is a complex beast. It never really makes you feel that you are making progress even if the graph shows that more SERP results are indexed. There are still many issues to fix and I estimate I will probably need another six months to iron everything out. Boy, what a process Google has made this to be.

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