Giving it away

Giving Funny Comic

In the days when CDs were popular, I had gotten tired of the albums I was listening to and went to a record store to sell them.  Not all of them were popular enough so he said he wasn’t interested in buying some of them.  Which is fine. I asked him if he wanted them because I was tired of them and he was surprised and said sure.  Maybe it was worth $20 at the time if I had gone to another record store, but I didn’t want to bother going anywhere else.

Giving Funny Comic
giving funny comic

Another time I went to another record store to sell some of my music. He didn’t want all of them either, so I got a few bucks for what he liked. I looked at what he had and bought a few new albums. I was thrilled that I got any money at all and for me, the enjoyment of music was worth not getting any money back.

Why am I sharing this? Whenever I have surprised someone and given something away it has always made me feel good. I have been criticized by friends who said I was too generous with others. Funny that they didn’t seem to mind when I was generous with them.

I want to live a life so that I don’t have riches in the bank. So far I am doing a great job with this. I like giving things to people and I don’t think I will ever stop. I want my life to mean more than just collecting useless junk. I have seen in my life the saddest people collect things and in the end, all of that junk didn’t help them be happier. I’d rather get experiences from my work than possessions, and I always seek to reduce the things that I have.

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It is the season of giving, but giving shouldn’t be confined to a season.