People don’t want to have kids research shows

Kids Illusion Comic

You can read more in this Vox article.

What is interesting to me is that as religion becomes less important as shown by declining numbers of church attendance, and divorce remains popular the idea that people must have kids has come under fire.

Kids Illusion Comic
kids illusion comic

Research shows that 70% of divorces are done by women, and women have been pressured the most to have a family. I have had friends who have shared with me that in their respective cultures, a woman who is older than 25 and doesn’t have a bf is seen as defective. Men are given more time to get married probably due to needing to support the family. However, even with that said people are not choosing to have families as they once did. Why?

The article talks about a few reasons but I think it is more simple. I think that people don’t want to have kids because many people are afraid for the future, and feel economically pressured. When the times were good like the Baby Boomers had with high salaries and low costs, families were common. How that salaries are low and costs are high, it just doesn’t make sense to have kids. I have seen many people who have a good salary of six figures and they find it very difficult just to afford a house, much less have kids. People are getting cars repossessed at record rates now and they are expected to have more expensive children?

Capitalism fails when the money accumulates at the top, and the people at the bottom can’t buy the things that they need to make capitalism work. That’s why we see failing service sector businesses say that they can’t find minimum-wage employees to work there. No one can afford those jobs. If you work a full-time job and can’t pay for rent and the things that you need, then you can’t afford that job and you certainly can’t afford kids.

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I think that people are becoming wiser about the traps that exist to keep people in bad jobs. I think that having debt is a trap to working in a bad job. People always say “What about the mortgage?” when they should be more concerned with how their job is negatively affecting their health. Cars, kids, materialism is a trap that keeps people working when they should be reevaluating their life and finding work that helps them and others.

There will always be people who want to have kids and can afford it. Why is society pressuring growth when clearly people are showing they don’t want it?